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So here’s a quick recap of what you’ll be receiving…

Here’s What 103 Fast Action Takers Will Get:

Module 1: Full Software Source Code (Basic & PRO)

Freedom… That’s what you get when owning the full software source code to the BASIC and PRO Editions.

Rebrand this software easily with another name and differentiate yourself from other competitors.

Free up time, look genuine and add your own twist to the product… something that is you.

How about charging premium price for advanced features? Now you can.

How about even transforming this tiny little application to a massive software platform and even sell access for a monthly fee?

Even if you’ve a coder at hand, giving the source code to him will save you weeks of hard work and thousands of dollars in development costs.

This is the opportunity of a lifetime to finally get things done faster and also to brand your business easily.

Full Software Source Code (Basic & PRO):

$2500 Real Value

Module 2: Unlock Viral ‘Make Money’ Button

This is the EXACT same technique we’ve been using to generate massive subscribers lists and made millions of dollars in online sales over the years.

We call it the ‘silent money machine’.

Today you’ll be able to use our ‘secret technique’ to generating more sales EVERY single time this software is being installed on someone’s website.

Here’s how it works:

There’s a built-in ‘Make Money’ button inside the software interface which you can rebrand with your own website link to drive more traffic when people will be sharing this software.

Owning this package will give you the liberty to pass the resale rights to your clients with YOUR link encrypted in that button.

When they pass it down to THEIR customers… guess what will happen?

That’s right…

They click on that ‘Make Money’ button linked to your website where they can buy Resale Rights option from you.


You just made another sale.

That’s pure leverage and it keeps growing bigger with time as more people share this application.

This is smart marketing and now you can capitalize on it.

Viral ‘Make Money’ Button:

$1000 Real Value

Module 3: Viral ‘Banner Monetization’ Model

Advertise. Monetize.

Send MORE traffic to ANY offer you want with the banner feature displayed in the footer within the software interface.

Want to gain FREE traffic for a new product you’ve?

Rebrand the banner feature of the software with it and let it grow viral.

Or maybe you would like to monetize instantly by selling banner spot to people who’d like to advertise within your software?

You can build your own traffic network with it and make big bucks.

We did it successfully in the past.

People are willing to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars if you can build a viral campaign for them.

The opportunities are plenty. The sky is the limit.

In the past, we’ve been selling a single banner spot for $500 easily and our customers have been able to generate thousands of visitors to their website making it one of their best investments ever.

Now it’s your turn to profit from it.

Viral ‘Banner Monetization’ Model:

$1000 Real Value

Module 4: Multi-Languages Opportunity

You may also know by now that the INTERNATIONAL market is not US dominated as it used to be in the past. That means more customers exist for you in different countries that do not necessarily speak English…

The software can be easily translated to any language due to its clever and strategic way of keeping the text of it out of the code.

When you get the Private Label Rights we’ll also deliver to you that language files so you can make the software talk to 10 additional languages:

1. Chinese

2. Spanish

3. Arabic

4. Portuguese

5. Japanese

6. Russian

7. Malay

8. French

9. German

10. Italian

Why these languages?

Because along with English those are the top 10 languages in the Internet today – we even added the Italian translation as an extra bonus!

Changing the language of the software is so easy. You just replace the “language” file with the file of the language you want to use.


We thought that you’d also need the “Make Money” button and also the “Tweet and Download” button translated to those 10 languages too.

That’s it what you will also get.

Just choose the language you want to use and use the corresponding language file and the corresponding buttons in any of the 10 extra languages mentioned above.

See samples below:

NOTE: You get both the .jpg files and the PSD files of all images.

As a Private Label Rights license holder you can walk a further mile for more extra profits for you…

You can translate the sales letters of the software, the thank you pages and also create your new covers in order to SELL the software to an extra audience…

1,724,800 Online Users In Addition

to the 851.600 million users that speak English!

Expand your reach to China, Spain, Middle East, Portugal, Japan, Russia, Malaysia, France, Germany and Italy in a few clicks!

Multi-Languages Opportunity:

$2000 Real Value

Module 5: Walk-Thru Training Manuals

Imagine this… In just a few minutes from now you can get everything ready and start driving sales to your brand new business.

No stress. No headache.

Our walk-thru training manuals are here to show you how to easily use all the above modules quickly and easily.

Just go thru these pages illustrated with step by step screen pictures and implement right away!

It’s easy and you’ll love it.

Walk-Thru Training Manuals:

$350 Real Value

Private Label Rights are considered
by many to be the "grand-daddy” of all rights!

Remember, when you own this package you have full private label rights. That means you can:

Edit anything in both Basic & PRO packages.

Rebrand it under your own name.

Change in any way you like to suit your needs.

Claim authorship to the product.

Change the sales materials.


You can now include YOUR links in the software and offer it to your customers AS IF YOU DESIGNED IT YOURSELF!

So not only giving you the actual product to USE YOURSELF & sell but also FULL Private Label Rights so that you can look even more professional and show yourself as the author…


Yes! I Want Instant Access Now!

I understand I’m receiving immediate access to:

Containing the following:

Module 1: Full Software Source Code (Basic & PRO)

Module 2: Unlock Viral ‘Make Money’ Button

Module 3: Viral ‘Banner Monetization’ Model

Module 4: Multi-Languages Opportunity

Module 5: Walk-Thru Training Manuals

Total Real Value:


This discount is limited to ONLY 103 people.

This is your LAST chance to get the Private Label Rights!

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