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Firstly we'll like to thank you for putting your trust in us and we're committed in your online success.

We've put together some awesome materials which fully complement the offer that you just secured. These materials are designed to give you a competitive edge as well as save you a lot of time and money.

Please take note that the main package you bought a moment ago is complete and you can make tons of cash selling it.

The following materials are just some awesome ready-made materials you can use to accelerate your success by:

Making More Sales From Each Customer

Building An Affiliate Army

Getting Massive Exposure

Diversifying Your Income

And so many more...

So take a moment to review it and secure your copy as it's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

Triple Your Revenue Instantly

Your upgrade package includes an the PRO Edition with advanced features you can offer to your buyers to increase your profits even further.

If just 1 in 2 buyers also purchase the upsell (at three times the price of your front end offer), you're looking at up to 300% more revenue without spending a single penny more on traffic, or doing a minute of extra work.

Upgrade Module 1: Turbo Tweet Multiplier PRO Edition

This is the UPGRADED version of the software which contains advanced features that will allow your customers to gain massive amount of traffic and also be able to build massive subscribers list at a few clicks.

Your customers will have the ability to insert:

Any HTML code BEFORE sending their visitors to the download page.

A coupon or even integrate a One Time Offer

An optin form from any autoresponder they wish to collect leads

A survey form so they can request more information

And so many more...

See the added feature in the video demo below:

100 % Compatible With Wordpress

This PRO Edition is easily worth…


…if you were to outsource it and not counting all the inconveniences that comes with dealing with a professional coder.

Upgrade Module 2: Quick Installation Video PRO Edition

A professionally recorded set up video to explain your customers how to install this awesome software on their site.

Never worry about explaining your customers individually how to do the technical stuff.

Our expert team has prepared a step by step video tutorial to make sure your customers can use this software without any headache.

Give this free to your customers to enhance your customer service.

Content Available In:

Step by Step Video like this is worth


The videos are concised and provides the necessary information to your customers to use this software properly.

Upgrade Module 3: Instruction Guide PRO Edition

A step by step user manual to guide your customers through the set up process.

This is for the technical savy and don't want to spend time watching the tutorial videos, they can quickly scan through the document, see the pictures and implement the instructions right away!

Give it to your customers to add more value to your offer and reduce your customer support tickets to a bare minimum.

Guide Available In:

A Professionally Written Guide Costs


Easily if you were to hire a technical savvy to do it for you. But you don't have to recruit one. We did it all for you

Upgrade Module 4: Upsell Sales Letter & Thank You Page

Use this ready-made upsell sales letter to experience super high sales conversions for this advanced training that your customer will have the option to buy right after the front end.

Following a proven and time-tested copywriting formula, this upsell sales copy also uses the hybrid video sales letter approach that is guaranteed to bring you results.

No time is being wasted.

No frustration to write it on your own.

Add your name and order button.

Start collecting sales right away.

Full ownership and control.

We also went ahead to prepare an upsell delivery ‘thank-you’ page upon they make a purchase. It’s all ready-to-go.

Pages Available In:

A Professional Copywriter charges a minimum of


…per sales copy written if you were to outsource it and not counting all the stress involved in answering a 10 pages questionnaire before they even start the project.

Upgrade Module 5: Conversion Booster Upsell Sales Video

People love watching videos before they make a purchase.

So we got you covered! We are making your sales page LIVELY by adding a professionally done sales video message on it.

This video has been carefully crafted using the 'conversion booster' formula that will ENGAGE your existing customers to spend money with you AGAIN.

This video is to be used in conjunction with the sales copy above to achieve maximum results.

Videos Available In:

An ‘Conversion Booster’ Sales Video easily costs around


…to produce and that again, you need to make sure that the message is appealing enough to engage your customers and get them to buy again.

Upgrade Module 6: Stunning Upsell Graphic Designs

We simply couldn't resist the fact of doing additional designs for you to present the upgraded version of this video series.

These nice looking graphics help convey the right message at the right time.

It gives you INSTANT authority and credibility.

There’s absolutely NO compromise on the quality of our designs. We’ve the very best dedicated team of graphic designers in this industry and their works speak for themselves.

Graphics Available In:

These Awesome upsell Graphic Designs have a minimum value of


…for a set of e-cover boxes in several dimensions and variations. This is super high quality work from very skilled artists who do it for a full-time living.

Upgrade Module 7: Editable Upsell Photoshop Graphics

It's your upsell video product, and maybe you want to customize the look and feel to set yourself apart. That's why we include the PSD Photoshop files for all the graphics, so you or your designer can quickly and easily make whatever adjustments you'd like.

With these you can easily:

Edit the name of the product

Add your own brand

Change dimensions and looks

Create MORE e-cover boxes

Change the graphic colors

And so many more...

Graphics Available In:

A Professional Designer charges a minimum of


…for that type of project and not counting the time spent with them to review and also to explain to them your needs. This is definitely a conservative value.

Build An Affiliate Army

The secret to creating massive wealth is by leveraging on other people's resources to make you money – 24/7.

We've done all the hard work to arm you with everything you need to raise an affiliate army promoting your product non-stop.

So take a look at all the goodies, we've for you below:

Upgrade Module 8: Instant Affiliate Promotion Center

To make it super easy to recruit and motivate affiliates to bring traffic to your offer, we'll provide you with an affiliate page already formatted with animated banners and the swipe emails for your affiliates to use.

We even have a 'rebrand' feature where your affiliate can customize all the tools provided with their affiliate links inside at the push of a button.

All they need to do is COPY and PASTE. This will be the easiest promotion they'll ever have to do. They'll love it.

Pages Available In:

A Professional Web Developer will charge around


…for building this page and also for coding this 'rebrand' script that automatically customizes all the tools. This is something awesome that you simply can't get everywhere.

Upgrade Module 9: Hard-Sell Affiliate Solo Emails

We have prepared a set of FIVE highly effective emails ready to use, so you can provide them to your affiliates to skyrocket your sales by promoting this video training.

These emails will generate a craving for your product. Your affiliates just need to set them up in their autoresponder, and then they (and you) will be ready to make some more easy money.

The emails were written to 'hard-sell' your products to achieve maximum results. They are already integrated inside the Instant Affiliate Promotion Center and can be immediately customized.

Emails Integrated In:

A Professional Copywriter charges a minimum of


…for writing 'pitch' emails like these. These content were written with an angle to bring the maximum open rate and clicks.

Upgrade Module 10: High Converting Banner Ads

Banners are highly effective when used to advertise online. Animated banners grab viewer's attention a lot more. So we have decided to create a complete set of NINE banners, so you don't spend unnecessary time and money creating them.

All these banners come into standard dimensions that your affiliates can use on their blogs, websites and even on banner ad networks.

All they have to do is to just grab the codes which is already integrated inside the affiliate promotion center and paste them inside their campaigns.

These awesome banners will drive a swarm of visitors to your site when used effectively.

Graphic Available In:

Banners are usually very costly and you can pay around...


…for those 9 banners in different dimensions. All these dimensions are proven and are used everywhere. So your affiliates will love sticking them everywhere.

Get Massive Exposure

Without traffic, you cannot make sales. While you're waiting for the affiliates to promote your site, you still have to get the word out about your product.

The most effective way to drive traffic online is by owning a 'content factory'. That is why we've decided to create tons of content for you to use...

Upgrade Module 11: Traffic Generating Articles

Start driving traffic to your offer with a set of 10 professionally written, high-quality articles to get your website visitors excited about your product.

You can use these articles as your own or you can simply give out to affiliates to post on their website to drive traffic to your offer.

Another idea would be to even turn it into a small PDF report and give away for free to drive viral traffic.

The sky is the limit.

Content Available In:

10 High-quality articles would easily cost...


…if you were to outsource it. You'd need an experienced writer in the internet marketing niche to be able to write these content as they are very technical.

Diversify Your Income

While you can sell this product to the end-users and make a lot of cash from it, we don't want you to miss out another BIGGER money-making opportunity which is to be able to SELL reseller licenses.

That way you'll be able to grow your income portfolio and instantly double the amount of money you can earn from this ONE product.

Check what we did for you...

Upgrade Module 12: Master Resale Rights License

There's a LOT of money to be made in reselling this package along with its sales materials (not source files).

There are so many people looking for this opportunity and would be willing to pay a huge amount for it.

You can even transfer the 'Resale Rights' to those marketers after branding this product with your website address.

So when they sell the video course with your website information inside, they'll be promoting your business for free.

A true viral marketing campaign.

This is HUGE. You need this!

License Available In:

This Money Making Opportunity has a conservative value of...


And this offer is unique. You'll be able to sell the product PLUS charge a PREMIUM for 'reseller license'. Adding another stream of income to your business.

This package will give you an UNFAIR advantage over your competitors.

We're arming you with everything you need to become an INSTANT AUTHORITY in this niche market.

And for limited time only, you can benefit from our low introductory price to upgrade your offer...

But That's Not All...

You Get All These Bonuses
For FREE With Your Upgrade!

We're going to also throw in some awesome bonuses to make this package even better than it is right now...

Exclusive Bonus #1: Plug-n-Play ‘Learning Center’ For Your Visitors

This is totally a UNIQUE package that you’ll find nowhere else. We call it the ‘Learning Center’. We understand that in today’s business arena, you absolutely need to have a presence.

Having a simple page website with a sales copy isn’t enough to make it big. So we went a step ahead by creating this Plug-n-Play learning center which contains free content to your website visitors.

We also provide you with 4 additional training videos that pre-sell your product extremely well plus we also picked 12 articles above and created professionally awesome pages with them.

All you have to do is to link it to your sales copy with a little link at the bottom and you’ll be ready to start receiving traffic from Google to it.

Real Value:


Exclusive Bonus #2: FOUR Presell Video Trainings Fully Integrated

There’s no better way to presell your offer than providing video trainings. This is part of the learning center above. Once they click on it, they will be able to view the 4 video trainings FREE and on the very same page, we include a link to your offer for them to check it out.

Everything is ready to go. No guess work. It’s a complete done for you preselling system.

Real Value:


Exclusive Bonus #3: Ready-To-Go Automated Promotional Content

Each of these 12 articles pages contains YOUR banners promoting your product throughout the content. Your visitors will have multiple contacts with your offer and hence it’s easier for you to get them to buy.

The banners and product graphics are strategically placed on the page so that they get the maximum eyeballs and click-through rate. All structured and ready for your convenience.

Real Value:


Exclusive Bonus #4: 20 Call-To-Action Tweets

Twitter remains one of the easiest ways for you to keep driving traffic to your site. With these ready-made call-to-action tweet messages, you can copy and paste them to your twitter account and send to your followers anytime.

Those messages will get them to check out your offer and also keep them interested in reading more of your tweets.

These messages can drive tons of traffic to your website if used properly and it’s all done for you!

Real Value:


Exclusive Bonus #5: 10 Viral Facebook Content Posts

Leverage on Facebook to drive insane traffic to your website. These 10 content posts will help you establish yourself as an authority in your niche. People will love the content and also be willing to share it with their contacts.

You’ll be able to set up a viral traffic machine without much effort on your part. All you need to do is to copy and paste. It’s all done for you!

Real Value:


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Upgrade Module 5: Conversion Booster Upsell Sales Video

Upgrade Module 6: Stunning Upsell Graphic Designs

Upgrade Module 7: Editable Upsell Photoshop Graphics

Upgrade Module 8: Instant Affiliate Promotion Center

Upgrade Module 9: Hard-Sell Affiliate Solo Emails

Upgrade Module 10: High Converting Banner Ads

Upgrade Module 11: Traffic Generating Articles

Upgrade Module 12: Master Resale Rights License

Plus all the Exclusive Bonuses:

Bonus 1: Plug-n-Play ‘Learning Center’ For Your Visitors

Bonus 2: FOUR Presell Video Trainings Fully Integrated

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Bonus 5: 10 Viral Facebook Content Posts

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